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Camp Sri Lanka


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June – September



Sri Lanka

Experience the lifestyle of this Sri Lankan haven…

Dive into an array of conservation projects and help the delightful local community.

With the opportunity to taste delicious local cuisine and the chance to learn how to speak Sri Lankan, this is truly an opportunity of a lifetime.

With a range of wonderful visits scheduled, including a trip to a tea plantation, Camp Sri Lanka will expose you to some of the world’s most eye-opening cultural phenomenons.

Visit magnificent temples and learn traditional batik painting.

Explore the culture and heritage in the beautiful highland of Kandy and help conserve the precious wildlife during this truly unforgettable experience.

Camp Highlights

Elephant Sanctuary

Beautiful Beaches





Worth every single penny! My experience was life changing. I loved every second of it, the people the kids, the reps all of them were amazing! Camp Sri Lanka is an amazing way to travel and experience fantastic activities as every body else is in the same boat as you, traveling for the first time and Camp Sri Lanka provide constant 24/7 support for when ever you need it, and the reps are such a laugh to be around. For myself it was my first time traveling alone and being at Camp I made a lot of friends so it made the whole experience feel so much more organized and safer along with a friendly, awesome atmosphere, and the activities were out of this world!!!

Veronica Scotton

Exceptional, once in a lifetime experience!

I had an amazing time in Sri Lanka as all the reps were very helpful and friendly, as they always went the extra mile to make the experience great. The accommodation was lovely and all the trips I took part in were excellently organised. I would go back in a heart beat.

Ruaridh Mackay

Life changing

The Camp Sri Lanka experience was one of the best adventures I have ever had. From the moment I arrived in Sri Lanka to the moment I left was filled with amazing memories. Helping at the elephant sanctuary and teaching at the local schools. An experience I would recommend to anyone!

Program Requirements

  • 18+
  • A clear criminal background check
  • Valid Passport (with at least 6 months left)
  • A basic level of English speaking
  • You have to be enthusiastic, outgoing, friendly, good with kids and ready to experience a totally new and exciting culture!
  • So what are you waiting for? This is a perfect Gap Year job abroad!

Day 1

The wait is over – it’s time to start your dream trip with Camp Sri Lanka!

Sitting snug in South Asia, Sri Lanka is a stunning country bejewelled in natural beauty; you won’t want to waste a minute in this majestic haven, so we’ll meet the coordinator at 9:00am for an induction and information session to get the essential information out of the way!

There are elements of Sri Lankan culture that will differ slightly from what you’re used to at home, so you’ll be given useful tips about local culture, as well as information about Kandy, a city located in central Sri Lanka where you’ll be staying during your visit to Sri Lanka.

Following the induction, prepare for a day brimming with excitement, with a language class and cultural show arranged for you and the rest of the group. As is the case in many countries, a willingness to try and to speak in the native tongue when possible is appreciated, so enjoy the session and take in as much as possible during the lesson – a basic understanding of the language will come in handy during your trip and enhance your overall experience at Camp Sri Lanka!

In the evening, you’ll be given the opportunity to refine your language skills at a language class, during which time you’ll be given a riveting insight about the origins of the local language.

Day 2

Ready to delve deeper into the delights of Sri Lanka?

After breakfast, we’ll meet the coordinator at 9:00am and prepare for a day basking in in the midst of some of the most phenomenal sites in the region.

Ayurveda medicines have origins stretching 3,000 years, having originally derived in India; the healing system has since been adopted within Sri Lankan civilisation, and today we’ll be visiting a garden where the medicine is developed.

Sri Lanka is also known for its culinary master class, with a repertoire of dishes, with the likes of kottu roti, a stir-fry comprising meat, vegetables and roti (bread) and a range of curries doused with a host of delicious spices. We’ll visit where these spices are made and also visit a tea factory and gem museum.

Hinduism is a religious practice adopted throughout Sri Lanka. Before returning back to the centre, we’ll visit a Hindu temple, the place of worship.

When visiting a Hindu temple, there is etiquette that must be adhered to – this is a place of worship and a sacred location, so be sure to wear respectful clothing and remove your shoes before entering. During your visit, the priest may offer you items; anything offered should be accepted with your right hand – avoid giving or receiving items with your left hand.

Day 3

Sri Lankan cuisine is considered by many as being one of the tastiest culinary surprises in the world.The fusion of flavours inspired by multiple cultures has spawned a phenomenal range of dishes, packed full of flavour.

Sri Lanka boasts a melting pot of delectable treats and after breakfast, you’ll be given the chance to showcase your skills and learn how to cook traditional Sri Lankan dishes.

In the evening, we’ll head to a Buddhist temple to learn their practices and rituals.

Day 4

Today, we’ll visit a Sri Lankan family and learn the art of batik painting.

Batik is a form of art whereby the artist decorates cloth using hot wax and dye; while the art form is a popular form of artistic expression throughout Indonesia, the skill is not new, with evidence of the first batik paintings stretching back 2,000 years.

Follow in the footsteps of batik founders from the Far East, Middle East, Central Asia and India, embrace your inner artist, and leave your own mark on history!

Day 5

Be sure to pack a camera and your selfie-stick, today we’ll be visiting a forest range and traditional temple and the views are astounding.Strike a pose and snap an Insta worthy pic fit to grace your beloved social media page and strike envy into your friends back home!

Later in the afternoon, you’ll have time to explore Kandy, located in central Sri Lanka.

Kandy Lake, otherwise known as Bogambara Lake, is a popular amongst locals and tourists, due to an abundance of stunning wildlife and fish.

The city is also famous for its sprinkling of sacred Buddhist sites, such as The Temple of the Tooth shrine; the temple contains the relic of the tooth of the Buddha.

Day 6 & 7

These are free days to spend how you like and are a great opportunity to head out and discover more of antiques of Sri Lankan culture; prepare for a barrage of beauty!

Day 8-12

While you will uncover truly magical moments exploring stunning shrines and temples during your time at Camp Sri Lanka, moments of personal enlightenment are not confined to the four walls of worship.

During days 8 – 12, you’ll be provided with a choice of two community projects, a great opportunity to help within the local community and truly make a significant contribution to improving the Sri Lankan society.

Community Project – Kandy Schedule:

  • 8.00am – Breakfast
  • 9.00am – Teach English to local school children in the local area or partake in a renovation project
  • 3.30pm – Finish the program for the day and return to the accommodation.

Wildlife Rescue Project – Dambulla Schedule:

  • 8.00am – Breakfast
  • 9.00am – During your time at the Wildlife Rescue Project, you’ll constructing enclosures to look after injured wild animals. Moreover, we’ll clean the enclosures of the injured animals and ensure that they are fed and looked after; if you choose to work at the Wildlife Rescue Project, you’ll also be assisting the team in rescuing wild animals if required.
  • 4.00pm – Finish the program for the day and return to the accommodation

Day 13

Today is your free day. You may wish to go out and explore! Please note: Free day activities & transport not included.

Day 14

Sri Lanka is a beach lover’s paradise – a haven covered in blankets of silky sands and cascading blue waters.Today, we’ll embark on a journey to the coastal region of Sri Lanka, in preparation for the turtle conservation project.

Day 15-16

The next two days of your Camp Sri Lanka experience promise to be amongst the most fulfilling moments of your life.

Sri Lanka is home to multiple breeds of these adorable animals, such as the Loggerhead Turtle. However, such breeds are becoming diminishing, and it is essential that they receive the care they need in order to prosper, before it’s too late.

During our time at the conservation, we’ll help clean the turtles, maintain the tanks, as well as the turtle conservation centre and even feed the turtles.

The importance of a clean and hygienic space for these animals cannot be underestimated; as such, we will also be partaking in beach cleaning activities.

The days spent at the conservation promise to be hugely rewarding, but it is tiring work! Therefore, during the evening, enjoy some free time and relax on the beach in the tranquil surroundings.

Day 17-18

After two days working hard at the turtle conservation project, it’s time to sit back and relax on the beach.

Apply your sun tan lotion and prepare for two days enjoying the tropical sunshine. Explore the neighbourhood and uncover the cultural phenomena of southern Sri Lanka.

Day 19

Today, you’ll visit the Galle City, one of the UNESCO world heritage cultural cities, as well as Sri Lanka’s most popular tourist destinations.Regarded as a glistening jewel in the Sri Lankan crown, Galle City is glistening in a serving of historical mosques, charming churches and archaic mansions.

During our visit to Galle, we’ll visit Olden Dutch Fort, as well as Colonial style houses and other Dutch architectural buildings.

A delightful city where quirkiness and tradition collide, Galle is a highlight of the Camp Sri Lanka trip!

Day 20

We’re sure you’ve had a memorable Summer of a Lifetime with Camp Sri Lanka, but unfortunately it’s time to start preparing for the end of your trip!In our eyes, this isn’t a goodbye – more of a farewell; we’d be delighted to continue your global adventure with you during another of our Camp programs.

The flight back home is long, so there’s plenty of time to start planning!

Day 21

Departures:While it is up to you to arrange your departure flight, we’d be delighted to arrange your airport drop off at an extra cost.


Something to Consider

Camp Sri Lanka is not a typical idea of a holiday and it’s not always relaxing; at times you may find yourself in testing circumstances, as you would when experiencing any new culture. There may be bad weather, mosquitos, long journeys, slow Wi-Fi and limited food options.

However, here at Camp Sri Lanka, we thoroughly enjoy stepping out of the comfort zone, embracing new cultures and learning how people live in other countries! Prior to your application, please make sure that you understand that this is a cultural experience, not a luxury holiday; our aim is to make a positive impact in the community – this is a product of hard work and dedication!

Additional Costs

  • Medical Form (Your GP may charge you for completion)
  • Flights and Insurance
  • Criminal Background Check

Program Requirements

  • 18+
  • A clear criminal background check
  • Valid Passport (with at least 6 months left)
  • A basic level of English speaking
  • You have to be enthusiastic, outgoing, friendly, good with kids and ready to experience a totally new and exciting culture!
  • So what are you waiting for? This is a perfect Gap Year job abroad!


Am I responsible for booking my own flights?

Your Camp Sri Lanka program fee does not include the cost of your transportation to Sri Lanka, or your transportation out of Sri Lanka when your Camp finishes.

Is Camp Sri Lanka for everyone? (Something to consider)

Camp Sri Lanka is not everyone’s idea of a holiday and it’s not always relaxing. At times you may find yourself in testing circumstances, as you would when experiencing any new culture. There may be bad weather, mosquitos, long journeys, slow wifi and limited food options. However, here at Camp Sri Lanka, we believe that is what comes with stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. We love it, as have thousands of previous attendees.

Before applying to take part in Camp Sri Lanka, please understand that it’s a cultural experience. It isn’t a luxury holiday, and one of our main focuses is to make a positive impact, which often comes with hard work. We can not guarantee you will have a nice relaxing time. You have to come to Camp Sri Lanka with a sense of adventure, go with the flow and be laid back. Basically, YOU are the deciding factor in the experience you have at at Camp. We provide the setup and infrastructure for you to have an incredible experience. However, that is only half of it. The other half comes from you. Your passion to help others, your spirit to do something different, your ability to make friends and go with the flow. You get out what you put in and if you give it your all, together we will have an amazing experience.

Is Wi-Fi available?

While Wi-Fi maybe available, please take into consideration that connection could be temperamental, but don’t worry – Wi-Fi will be there waiting for you when you’re back home!

Do I get any free time at Camp?

You will get free time during your time at Camp.

Will I get time to travel after Camp?

Certainly! With so many amazing places nearby, we encourage this!

Will I make friends at Camp Sri Lanka?

Definitely! You will be making friends from the moment you land at the airport.

Should I bring a suitcase or a backpack for Camp Sri Lanka?

The choice is yours, but a backpack is definitely more suitable for travelling. Plus, you don’t want to look like a starry-eyed first time traveller dragging around a heavy suitcase!

Do I need a passport and a visa?

Passport: A full passport valid for the duration of your stay is required. Please check that you still have at least 6 months left in your passport from the time you arrive in Sri Lanka.

Visa: For visa information, please contact a member of the team.

Available Dates

19th June 2020 - 10th July 2020
10th July 2020 - 31st July 2020
31st July 2020 - 21st August 2020
21st August 2020 - 11th September 2020

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